About Us

 Omega Group was born 25 years ago, in a ship of only 100 m2 in a booming industrial area from then until now, we have experienced sustained growth over time, occupying now a ship of 12,000 m2 in San Agustín de Guadalix.

Since our inception we have applied a clear main goal : Maximum quality, commitment and responsibilityin logistics services we offer.

 Omega Group: Efficiency and dedication to service.

We understand the need for the logistics sector to become more efficient and economical. To achieve this, we you have to work every day to improve the processes of storage; believe you have to integrate all services into a single logistics operator; believe that is investing in qualified people and train them continuously; believe that we meet the highest standards of safety; believe that goes beyond supply chain issuing the order, knowing their products and taking care of handling, transport continues because they are more than just bumps and WIN knowto transport goods is also part of the image of your company.

Omega Group: safe bet.

We are aware of the needs of industry and we know what we do, we have become one of the leading logistics operators in the country,