Our Services


  • Order Management, demo stores, Broken and Parts.
  • Customizing shelves.
  • Traceability and Product Management Expired.
  • Waste management and other electro-medicine.
  • Cleaning and sterilization services.
  • Compliance ITC MIE APQ-1 (flammable and combustible), ITC MIE APQ-6 (corrosive), ITC MIE APQ-7 (toxic), ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical equipment)

Transport and districución

At Omega we are aware that the chain does not end with the issuance of orders. We also know that the brand recognition, a sense of perceived value, quality, and prestige are the play every day. That’s why we make every effort to transport and distribute their goods. Our transportation service is the perfect complement to your warehouse management.

  • Vehicles authorized to transport dangerous goods (ADR).
  • Assembly team specialized in Sanitary technology, with the tools necessary for shipment and handling.
  • We know the operation of hospitals and health centers.

Why use Omega for transport and distribution of their products?

  • Because we know what we transport
  • Because their products are in stock.
  • Because excellence extends beyond the doors of our store.
  • Because for us it is a bundle over
  • We know how important your customers for you.
  • Because we know that every delivery is special.

Training and meeting rooms

The best complement to showcase their products to their customers. And air-conditioned rooms perfectly acondicionas, parking, coffee break and wi-fi.

Technical rooms

Ideal for such inspections as repairs. The equipment is transferred directly from the warehouse to the plant room minimizing costs and risks.

Professional firms rental


Value Added Services:

Transport of High Technology:

     Over 20 years transporting and installing equipment electromedical of the leading global manufacturers in all Spanish hospitals. This machinery (highly accurate, highly sensitive, highly heavy) requires a professional and thorough. All important details:

  1. Sanitation vehicle.
  2. Anchors transportation safety.
  3. Protections broken pavement anti final location.
  4. Tools & Accessories (Climb-stairs, tanks, hydraulic, etc.)

Also present in the demanding market of telecommunications.